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Getting a partner – possible for some, difficult for other individuals: why?

Getting a partner – possible for some, difficult for other individuals: why?

By Petra · Published 19 November, 2012 · Updated 15 August, 2016

Some individuals think it is super easy to meet up with brand new lovers and barely ever have gaps between relationships. It does not make a difference whether their relationships continue for years or months – somehow they manage to prevent stay single for very long and easily fulfill a brand new love interest right after separating: per month or two passes and… poof! – they’re in a brand new relationship.

If you should be not merely one of these, plus it usually takes you longer to get someone brand brand new – possibly a 12 months, and sometimes even a several years – you could find it really puzzling, even aggravating. They don’t appear to be any longer “deserving” to have a relationship compared to the remainder of us – so how do they are doing it? What exactly is their key?


A number of them feel that they need to have some body inside their life on a regular basis, so that they keep working from a relationship to a higher, given that they positively dread the idea of being solitary. Their must be with some body is more powerful than aspire to have a significant relationship. Due to which they scarcely separation before they meet some body brand new, so that they appear like they find partners effortlessly: the reality is, they simply can’t stand being alone and do every thing they may be able to help keep the old relationship, whether or not they are happy on it or otherwise not.